Hyperbolic Oxygen Therapy

What we do at HBOT Now?

We are here to bring an effective “ NATURAL” healing method to the body. The Hyperbaric Chamber allows the body to heal itself through what the body already supplies itself. The idea behind Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is simple: it delivers oxygen to the body at a cellular level. It is the combination of Pressure and Oxygen together that allows the body to begin to heal on its own.

Meet the Owner

Thomas Hightower “My Ultimate Life Calling My Vocation”

I suffered a mild stroke at the age of 35. I was in the mist of being a committed father of two beautiful daughters as well as managing a sales team. I was overworking myself and was not allowing my body enough time to recover, most nights I was only sleeping up to two hours. All of the stress from work was detrimental to my health and as a result of this I suffered a mild stroke. I was told by the doctors that if my sleeping pattern and stress levels don’t change it was a possibility that I could die. After suffering from this mild stroke I dedicated my life to doing countless hours of research about how I could heal myself naturally from the side effects of my mild stroke. I came across “Hyperbaric Chambers”. It changed my life forever. It allowed me to continue my life path of a father.